We know that some of you have not been to one of our paint and sip sessions but are dying to go! There are some common questions that some of you might have which we will answer in this section.

1:Do you provide alcohol?

We do not sell any type of alcoholic beverage at our art sessions but we do encourage our customers do bring their beverage of choice from home (wine, beer, liqour, or non-alcoholic beverages are welcome). We do however supply various glasses to enjoy your choice of beverage. During our regular art session (excluding private parties) we also provide buckets with ice to keep your drinks nice and cold.

In addition we have wine stoppers and bottle openers that may be used by our customers.

2:How can I reserve online?

To reserve online you must go to our "Paint + Sip" page located at the top of the page. Once there you can click on a painting that corresponds to the date you wish to attend. There will be a window that opens allowing you to add the item to your cart. At check out you can adjust the number of spots you would like to reserve, if you are reserving for more than one person.

Finally you will need to use a valid credit card to reserve online once you are ready to checkout. After you have paid online we will recieve your reservation through our system. The night of the paint session you will only need to give the name on the credit card it was reserved under.

3:Can we bring our kids to paint?

Our evening sessions are for adults only. You may bring a teen (15 or older) but they must be with an adult to paint. We do offer a Kids Art Camp once a month that ages younger may attend which is normally held one Saturday a month from 10AM-Noon.

4:How can I get a refund if I have to cancel?

You may receive a refund if you have paid in advance, if notice is given before 24hrs from the time the art session is set to begin. Refunds will not be given within the 24hr window however we do offer a credit that can be used for a later session. Contact the gallery through email on the contact page at the top of the page or by calling the gallery phone number 3612379358.

5:How much does it cost?

Our price per adult art session is $35 a person however when we have special art sessions such as our palette knife paintings sessions are $45 a person due to the volume of paint that is used during those sessions. We also offer a Valentine's Day session that is an all inclusive $120 per couple - very special. Kids Art Camp prices are $30 per child. Reservations are taken online. For large parties wanting to attend together you may call the gallery number 3612379358 or reach us by email through our contact form at the top of the page.

6:How early can we arrive?

We advise that everyone arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the arrival time advertised on each session this will allow enough time for everyone to get situated comfortably. 30 minutes prior is the earliest we allow for our art sessions.

7:What should I wear?

Come dressed up or down its up to you. We provide aprons for all of our painters.

8:I'm not an artist can I paint?

Anyone is an artist at Vino Dipinte. Our Creative Director and Instructor Crystal Goodman will guide you through each step of the painting and with a little wine you will have a master piece no experience is necessary. We have created many artists since we have opened. We promise you will enjoy yourself, have a fun night, and take something home you can be proud of.